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Ein englisches Gedicht, was zu der Bücherreihe "Die Gilde der schwarzen Magier" verfasst wurde.  
You I still love
How did it all fall apart?
Why did you break my heart?
I didn't want to, believe me that's true,
all I wanted was to be with you.
I feel so alone, afraid and lost,
I made those Ichani pay the cost.
I'm proud of you my darling,
my beautiful Sonea.
I just want to know,
why did you have to go?
My life was up,
my time had come.
Do you love me still?
You are the light of the day,
the beauty in a flower.
You are the essence of virtue
amongst the winter hue.
You are the whisper in the wind
and the movement in the trees
that dances amongst the summer leaves.
You are the laugher in a child,
a minstrels song.
To me you are this,
pure wedded bliss.
To me Sonea you are my heart
and it hurts me so that we are apart.
But I am with you, as you are with me
and I only want you to be free.
So in answer to your question,
do I love you still?
Yes my dove,
you I still love. 
13.7.08 15:48

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